Best Portable Bed for Toddlers

Best Portable Bed for Toddlers

When shopping for the best portable bed for toddlers, think about how often you’ll use it and where you’ll use it. Look for the greatest quality or one with a lifetime guarantee if you plan to use it regularly, such as some of the inflatable travel beds for children.

Toddlers are typically too big for travel cribs but not big enough to sleep on a rollaway bed – and if you have two toddlers or young children, you might not want to pay for neighboring rooms or a suite with two rollaway beds. Maybe you’re planning a trip with family or friends, but they don’t have enough beds to accommodate everyone? Are you spending the weekend with Grandma and your toddler wants to sleep in the same room as you?

If you want to use your portable kid bed while camping with a toddler, keep this in mind when you shop. Many inflatable travel mattresses for children include an electric pump, which may not function if you’re camping without power.

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is among best travel cots for toddlers. Especially if parents do not lay beside them at bedtime, you can rest certain that the child is protected thanks to the robust and sturdy fabrics, lengthy bed railing cushions, and excellent relaxation.

For this inflating child bed, Hiccapop employs a velvet embossed cushion. Whenever it refers to camping cushions, this sort of substance is recognised for being among the softest. It is also rather discreet for usage, however if the children wiggle around a lot in sleep, you will not notice any noises as you would with other types.

We can surely state that this child bed’s bed is incredibly flexible because it provides wonderful convenience and excellent safety measures. It is not simply a terrific kids camping mattress; your kids could enjoy it for different things as well, such as playtime with their peers.

This child beds is recommended to all families that are apprehensive over the children’s shift from a cradle to a child’s bed. Because parents cannot allow their children sleep in their own beds, it might be challenging for kids to rest well in the cribs after they reach the age of two years or later. The Hiccapop toddler bed could be used as a transitional bed for them.

The Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed is 8 lbs overall, with measurements of 62″ x 38″ x 11″ with a resting surface of 49×26. We can confidently state that it is a lighter and small portable mattress for children that families will be happy to take about or store in the vehicle when necessary.


  • Nearly all covers and blankets will fit.
  • It is simple to pump and compress.
  • It is small and convenient to carry.
  • It is suitable for children.
  • It includes an air pump as well as a maintenance package.


  • Sheets and a pillow are not provided.
  • There have been several complaints concerning air leakage.

The Shrunks Portable Toddler Travel Bed

The Shrunks Company, a pioneer in bedtime items and goods, has making enjoyable and secure sleep patterns their global mission, and has previously received the National Parenting Seal of Approval in the States. This Interior Child Traveling Mattress has won Gold prizes for Outstanding Traveling Equipment at all the Mother and Baby and Prima Baby Awards, indicating that it is deserving of its high price label.

Because the cushion fits conventional cot covers, you will not have to invest extra cash on suitable sheets, and your kid will be more at ease with comfortable clothing. The Shrunks “sheet-tuck’ method has been trademarked. The mattress is covered in a lovely brown velvety covering that I found to be helpful in keeping the cover from sliding.

The mattress measures 66cm x 127cm, while the entire bed measures 94cm x 152cm. Despite the fact that this is a toddler inflatable bed, the cushion can support up to 68kg, ensuring that it will last you for many seasons.

It collapses into a tiny storage bag when deflated. There will be no more mattresses using up the entire trunk area! It is tiny enough that we can merely have it in the car at all times. It expands rapidly and effortlessly, and while inflated, it remains rather lightweight. You may simply slide it away of the side if you need extra room throughout the day. You do not need to take apart an entire transportable bed arrangement.


  • Inflates and deflates quickly.
  • There are no squeaks or rustles in the bed.
  • Inside, side railings keep your youngster secure.
  • It will endure a long time because to its ample ratios.


  • There is no side barrier at the front of the bed.
  • The electric pump makes a lot of noise, and the cord is too short.

EnerPlex Kids Inflatable Travel Bed

The EnerPlex traveling mattress is among the best sleeping cots for toddlers. For small people, the simple patterns and warm ambiance are highly appealing! One of the key advantages of this type of bed is that it has safety bumpers on both sides. It also boasts a smooth silky ruffled top that is puncture-resistant and could support up to lbs.

This mattress is inflated, although it will not look such to your child. Children often desire what their parents enjoy, and if their children are not lying on air mattresses, they will not be interested in doing so.

With the provided pneumatic system, you can quickly pump this bed, and the complete mattress will be set to use. The strengthened weld-seams are a detail that distinguishes this suitable mattress. This improves your kid’s protection while also making the resting atmosphere a little cosier.

This product comes in handy when there are no spare beds available at resorts, on trips, or when backpacking. A family’s favourite traveling partner is EnerPlex’s small one air mattress.   If you are looking for the finest inflated traveling bed, the EnerPlex is the finest option. The children’s blow-up mattress could be compressed and set aside whenever not in use, making it ideal for small kids who are exploring various sleep options. An extra-large travel bag, an auxiliary motor, a collection of three group nozzles, and converters for either AC or DC sockets are included.


  • Expands in a matter of minutes.
  • For children aged 3 to 6.
  • Rims for protection.
  • Inflation and collapse without the hassle.
  • Valve for quick expansion.


  • Because it is an air bed, it might generate a squeaky noise.

 Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Toddler Airbed

This Intex children’s air bed is ideal for usage as a toddler inflatable bed for children. The Intex kidz travelling mattress is a terrific compact children’s inflating bed that is ideal for travelling children and adolescents, weighing only 4.3 lbs. The Intex inflating children travelling airbed is simple to accommodate in a camp or beside one’s own sleeping area because it is relatively small compared to a conventional twin inflatable bed.

A children inflating bed, like the Intex inflatable kids bed, may well be the greatest choice if the kid is particularly energetic. Because there are no lateral guard railings on the Intex child air bed, smaller children may slide off. It is best to put the Intex kids’ inflatable mattress on the floor because in case your child falls out of mattress, the space between them and the floor is low.

The Intex kid’s air mattress arrives with an inflating portable cushion and a range of vibrant colours that can put any kid to sleep. The waterproof patterned cover adds warmth and keeps sleeping cover materials from falling down. The Intex Cosy Kidz Inflatable Airbed is an excellent value for money option. It is important to notice that the product does not include an electric pump. If you are thinking what do 2 year olds sleep in when traveling, this option is ideal. To improve your life simpler, try purchasing an extra power air bed pump.


  • Material of excellent durability.
  • Airbed that is rather large.
  • The worth of your brand.
  • Upper half is waterproof.
  • Grip on the sides.


  • It does not have an electric pump.

AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids

The AeroBed Mattress for Kids is an excellent option for parents looking for a lightweight child traveling bed. This portable kid bed is easy to put up and take down thanks to the inbuilt electric motor and rapid compression mechanism.

The AeroBed toddler inflatable bed seems to be among the simplest inflating toddler travelling beds on the market. Inflation is quick and easy, as shown in the video above, owing to the provided pump. The vent on the bottom of the mattress enables deflating and firmness adjustments a breeze. In as short as 15 seconds, the mattress may be emptied. For some persons, though, this valve has damaged or disconnected, needing replacement.

The AeroBed Mattress for Kids dampens and collapses into a compact, light container. The cotton covering, cushion, and travel bag all weigh little more than one pound. These are small enough to fit into a vehicle, a backpack, or even a carry-on luggage on a flight. The AeroBed, on the other hand, loses a mark in this area due to the pumping, that is bulky and may barely accommodate in the luggage. If you are currently bringing a lot, the pump’s size might present concerns with baggage constraints when traveling. Even with the pump, the AeroBed is still relatively compact in terms of size.

Because you can simply alter the level of deflation, you can instantly arrange the mattress as hard or as fluffy as the kid like. While an inflated mattress will never be as comfy as a real cushion, the AeroBed can be fairly pleasant with the wool overlay.


  • This bedding is made of a tough PVC material that is both durable and soft.
  • We found this to be the most pleasant inflatable bed we had ever used.
  • It is easy to build out and knock down.
  • Kids cannot roll out because of the raised edges.


  • In order to inflate, you will need access to an electrical outlet.
  • It is too huge and hefty to fit in ordinary baggage.


Little Sleepy Head Toddler Inflatable Bed

To protect the child from the mattress, the Little Sleepy Head inflatable child bed includes 12″ tall edge cushions. Because it lacks upper and bottom cushions, kids who wiggle around much more at nighttime may end up on the ground.

This best travel cot for toddlers includes with a cover that fits a typical crib mattress. An electric motor, a fitting mattress, and a carry case are available in Little Sleepy Head toddler traveling mattresses. A lifetime guarantee protects any flaws in products or labor with this child mattress. The lead and phthalates in this baby traveling bed have been removed.

Whenever you buy a child inflating mattress, be sure it has a leak-proof regulator. Pops and leaks are not a problem with this inflatable mattress. A traveling bag is provided with this product. Puncture-resistant components are used, as well as a leak-proof mechanism. There is a changeable inside mattress as well as a cushioned crib provided. Make certain that the tiny sleepy head child air mattress choices you choose are precise.

It is all regarding your own preferences, as well as a simple and attractive style. Its compact nature allows you to take it with you wherever you go. It has a significant impact on your purchasing decision. The Little Sleepy Head Child Inflation Mattress has a lifetime guarantee. Customer support is indeed a plus, so maintain an eye out for quality businesses with a loyal following and positive evaluations.


  • Camping equipment for kids.
  • For use in schools, a baby bed is available.
  • You may use your little’s floor mattress wherever you require it.
  • Relax and sleep well.
  • Guaranteed for life!


  • Toddlers from 18 months to 3 years are suitable.

 Living iQ Inflatable Kids Travel Bed

Two exciting Marvel themes are available for the Living iQ inflatable toddler inflatable bed. This baby inflatable travelling bed with the Spider-Man design is ideal for every Spider-Man fan. This inflated child bed is ideal for occupying a hotel accommodation with kids since it is comparable in capacity to similar top acclaimed inflating child mattresses and includes a detachable inner cushion that is curled with a lovely velvet touch.

While the edges are not particularly effective at holding youngsters on the bed, the headboard will protect cushions from sliding over the side. It is also suitable for relaxing. An electrical blower and a travelling bag are included with this 6 pound inflated baby bed.

It is both fashionable and comfy. When lying straight, studying, enjoying TV, etc., it acts as a wonderful backrest. It also helps hold the cushions in position and creates a nice, enclosed sleeping atmosphere. It includes a hand-held electrical 110-volt air pump for convenient and simple inflation and deflation on the road. It comes with a built-in leak-proof valve that allows you to simply regulate the compression and deflation to the optimum hardness.


  • The addition of bright colors to an otherwise good product enhances its appearance.
  • The device is compact, costing only six pounds and is simple to compress and pump.
  • The built-in waterproof valve makes inflating and deflating a joy.
  • The grade-A vinyl material is impervious and puncture-resistant, making it simple to wipe up spills.
  • The Marvel Spiderman style is offered, as well as the L.O.L Surprise girls.


  • The warranty period might be extended.
  • The air compressor is available for purchase separately.

Hugbino Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

A protective wall protects your child in the Hugbino inflated toddler travel bed. It includes an inside cushion, unlike several other in our collection, that will accommodate normal cot type adapted sheets and making it easy to wash. In contrast to majority of the rest, it includes plush flocking on the exterior as well as the interior mattresses.

It includes an air compressor as well as a travelling bag. With the help of robust guardrails, the baby travelling bed provides adequate security for your small ones. This portable kid bed for babies also comes with a set of classic crib linens that fit nicely. In particular, the producer offers you with a worldwide manual pump. As a result, this mattress may be simply inflated practically anyplace. This blow-up mattress promotes rapid expansion and is an excellent piece of camping gear for kids.

This toddler inflatable bed also has a removable interior bed. As a result, you should quickly remove this inside sheet to ensure simple cleaning. The delicate and pleasant velvet covering on this inflatable mattress, on the other hand, maintains your youngsters nice and toasty while they rest. You may use this portable kid bed as a flooring mattress in your home.

It is comprised of smooth and silky fabrics that are safe for your children and will keeping them comfortable and comfortable throughout the night-time. When you buy from them, you will also get a handheld pumping and a luggage case. You will also receive a lifetime guarantee as well as prompt and courteous customer assistance.


  • When it relates to design, this bed is fairly broad and of high durability.
  • It is quite portable and may be transferred from one location to another.
  • It is made to preserve the infant comfortable and warm.
  • It includes edges that hold the bed firmly in position.


  • Due of its surface, the velvet foundation may quickly accumulate dirt.
  • When it concerns the colour choices, there are just three alternatives.

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

The Regalo My Cot Portable Child Mattress was created to facilitate traveling excursions simpler, however it may be useful for a lot longer. If you are having a cookout, utilize it in lieu of foldable canvas seats, or allow your child rest on the crib while watching a sibling’s outside football match.

You may also utilize it for the initial nights your child will undoubtedly experience. The fact that the mattress rolls up for convenient packing and transportation and goes within a travel bag is another of its nicest features of this best travel cot for toddlers. When you are ready to use it again, just fold it down and snap it into place.

The Regalo My Cot Portable Child Mattress will carry children weighing up to 75 lbs, making it suitable for children aged 2 to 5. You could even bring the travelling mattress to the shoreline to provide the child a place to rest and rest besides on the beach because the fabric covering can be peeled off and washed off with detergent and warm water.

Although it is adaptable in terms of how you may use it, it is not suggested that your child bounce on or simply standing on the bed for their protection and to preserve its structure. It provides a number of possibilities so that one may assess the worth for you.


  • The Regalo cot is reasonably priced for most households.
  • In a matter of seconds, anyone could stand it out and pack it away.
  • It is quite small and can be kept almost anyplace.
  • It may also be used as a chair for another kid.


  • The bars beneath the canvas may be a little unsettling.

Joovy Foocot Toddler Travel Cot

The Joovy Foocot Kid Bed is comparable to the Regalo, however it can be a somewhat broader, making it more pleasant for the developing child rather than feeling like they are rapidly outpacing the bed.

It also carries two lateral pockets for storing smaller objects such as gadgets, bottles of water, baby mugs, and even smartphones. If you want greater than just child to buy a bed for, the bed arrives in four distinct colours so you can keep record of each bed corresponds to them.

This portable kid bed can support toddlers up to 48 inches high and 75 lbs, so it may be utilized for decades through childhood, as much as the smaller child really sleeps inside the bed. It, too, rolls up simply and goes in the travelling case, which features a sling to make transferring the bed much simpler.

The nylon cloth that extends across the head of the frames is equally pleasant and hygienic, ensuring that the durable metal structure will withstand repeated usage.


  • Your child can possibly be ready to handle the bed while it stands inside the travelling pack because it is so compact and simple to travel.
  • It is spacious to suit both younger and bigger kids, and it might endure for decades in most circumstances.
  • If your baby rests solely on a single side of the bed, it is solid and secure in that it will not roll forward to that direction and will therefore remain anchored.
  • There is additionally a clasp that might be slid into position to completely seal the framework, giving you further piece of mind.


  • Because the cot has no elevated edges, younger children may still fall out in the midst of the night.
  • Older toddlers that are near to the weight restriction may wind up sitting too low to the ground.

KidCo Peapod Toddler Travel Bed

Although if you appreciate picnicking in the wild outside, this convenient small mattress from KidCo is suitable for travelling anyplace. It is extremely light, folds up into a compact travelling case, and slips into a carry-on bag for air travel.

The head and bottom of the Peapod are made of nylon tent fabric, while the corners are made of netting to allow your child can inhale, although if people roll sufficiently to put their head towards the pod’s edge. Even while sleeping, the entryway is large enough to accommodate a small child. Then, depending on your needs, you can keep it open or zip it shut.

A Micro-Lite resting cushion is included with the mattress and can be snapped to the bottom of the mattress on the exterior for added convenience. This make it simple to put together without jeopardising your children’s comfort. With a moist towel and some detergent, you can easily clean this cushion.

If you want to use this best travel cot for toddlers, it provides UV safety as well as pest prevention when completely covered. There are additional anchor straps to hold it in place on windy days. The only drawback is that several people have felt it challenging to fold, although there are plenty of helpful tutorials online if you need them. Also, keep in consideration that the bed’s total duration is 46 inches, making it inappropriate for kids above the age of three.


  • Exceptionally light.
  • It may be utilised both inside and outside.
  • It is little and light.


  • It is challenging to store since it is difficult to fold.
  • Only for little children under the age of three.

Joovy Gloo Portable Toddler Tent

The Joovy Gloo is a tiny folding tent designed to keep new-borns and small kids safe against insects, the sun, and choking threats while napping or exploring. The tents are available in two configurations and are designed for children from six months to five years old. It has a cushioned bottom and is completely bug-proof, as well as being compact enough to take with us to most of our outings. It also has UPF 50 sun safety on non-mesh textiles as an extra benefit.

The Joovy Gloo includes a self-inflating cushion with a cleanable cotton fabric, which eliminates many of the KidCo PeaPod’s concerns. This toddler inflatable bed comes in six bright colours, is a little heavier at 5.5 pounds and costs a little more than the more well-known KidCo PeaPod. It also includes a travelling bag and is small enough to fit in a modest luggage or as a carry-on.

The thought of resting beyond the protecting cushions of a crib might be frightening for little children who have not yet made the move to a large child bed. This is especially important while travelling with children since they demand stability and regularity to guarantee that they rest, consume, drink, and live happily.

They may have some isolation without feeling cramped thanks to the netting structure. A doorway in one of the netting screens may be zipped up for convenient accessibility to nursing or lying down next to your baby to assist them rest. To safeguard your child’s health and safety, this portable cot is composed of a non-toxic fabric.


  • It goes well in a backpack.
  • Various sizes are accessible.
  • Various colour variations are available.
  • It is safe to use with children.


  • Pump is incompatible with overseas travel.

Buying Guide

There are many different types of toddler travel beds available, ranging from a toddler air mattress and portable child bed to a baby travel cot and a variety of additional options. Before making a purchase, you must first determine what you require.


The materials used in toddler beds differ depending on the model. Vinyl is the most frequent material for inflatable mattresses because of its strength and resilience. Softer beds are often made of foam cushioning with a cover made of cotton, nylon, or polyester. Some of these even include softer microfiber or velvet on the spots that your youngster will most likely contact. All of these are excellent materials that should withstand everyday use. If the bed has a frame to keep it off the ground, these pieces should be well-built as well, made of steel or other durable metals. Bolts and screws, for example, should be tight and covered as possible to avoid catching young fingers on them.


If you’re travelling with a toddler bed, make sure it’s lightweight. Otherwise, you could put yourself under a lot of stress trying to find a good area for your child to sleep. Most toddler beds, thankfully, are composed of lightweight materials such as foam and lighter textiles. This makes transporting it to and from your vehicle a breeze. Some are even compact and light enough to fit easily in a carry-on luggage for flight travel without exceeding weight limits.


Toddler travel beds are available in two types: folding and inflatable, both of which are lightweight and convenient for travel. The kind you’ll need for your individual family will be determined by a number of considerations, including how much time you’re willing to spend setting it up, if you want to use a pump, and how much room the bed takes up. Foldable beds are simple to set up when it’s time to sleep because they don’t need much, if any, assembly. They may also be a little smaller than inflatable beds, which require a few minutes to inflate (and you may need to provide your own pump). Inflatable beds, on the other hand, may be more comfortable than foldable beds for some people.


A nice toddler bed, like any other product you buy for your child, your house, or yourself, should come with a strong guarantee. This type of guarantee should cover any damage to the bed before it reaches you, so you don’t have to pay to fix anything you didn’t create. Some beds come with a month-long guarantee, while others come with a year-long guarantee. These warranties are the finest since they not only alleviate the tension of utilising these items, but they also demonstrate that the manufacturer stands behind them.


Pillows, linens, and a pump are all included in some travel beds (if required). However, because this isn’t common practise, make sure you have everything you’ll need to use your travel bed whenever and wherever you like. Check to see what accessories come with the travel bed before you make your final selection. Some firms will sell you the extra components, while others will include them in the price of the bed. It’ll most likely differ depending on the brand.


Which bed material is hypoallergenic and safe for kids?

All of the goods listed above are compliant with safety regulations and are made of non-toxic materials. They are all put through extensive testing to guarantee that no youngster is harmed while using these travel beds.

Can a five-year-old sleep on one of these?

It depends on how big the five-year-old is. They may be able to fit into most of the beds if they are of normal height.


If you have a toddler at home, you understand how important it is for them to have their own bed for naps and at night. Having the greatest toddler travel bed may take the anxiety out of travelling somewhere overnight, ensuring that your child gets the best bed for a restful night’s sleep. Traveling with a small kid can be challenging, but having a comfortable spot to put your baby to sleep can make all the difference. When your kid is in a strange and unfamiliar environment, a pleasant sleeping space might be precisely what he or she needs to fall asleep faster. Not to add, if your child is sleeping soundly, you will be sleeping soundly as well. We’ve compiled a list of the top toddler travel mattresses to assist you in finding the right sleeping option for your family.

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